What to expect ahead of the Bank of England’s September policy meeting


The Bank of England meets Thursday to make its latest policy meeting.
The Bank of England is expected to hold interest rates steady and make no changes to its asset purchasing program when it gathers Thursday for its September Monetary Policy Committee meeting.
Ordinarily, this higher inflation would prompt the central bank to hike interest rates.
economy following Brexit leaves the bank reticent to make such moves, predicting that inflation will soon fall.
In July, the stubborn metric showed signs of relenting, slipping to 2.6 percent, though Bank of England Governor Mark Carney said in August that inflation is likely to first track higher before dipping.
The bank has said it anticipates inflation will hit 3 percent in October.
Sterling was trading at $1.3305 against the dollar ahead of market open in Europe Wednesday.
Echoing the ECB The European Central Bank (ECB) announced last week that it too would hold interest rates steady and gave no indication of plans to reign in its monetary stimulus program.
These conditions have made it difficult for the bank to ease off on its asset purchasing program, despite signs of a strengthening economy.
Despite this, President Mario Draghi said Thursday that the bank would discuss such measures at its next policy meeting in October .
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