Two shot dead in confrontation between gangs and police


Officers are probing the shooting of tourist Eloise Dixon, from Bromley, south east London, and one man has been arrested, according to reports.
Mrs Dixon was shot by gangsters in Brazil after her husband mistakenly drove their car off the main road and into a favela.
Four men were hit during the shootout and two died from their injuries.
Despite not being authorised to transport injured people to hospital, PCs Douglas and Marcus said they made a split-second decision to put her in their police car rather than call an ambulance.
And she passed on real emotional security to her mother at that time, which made all the difference.
The family are said to be too scared about what happened to make an official statement to police, but have spoken informally to officers
But perhaps because of a language mix-up they were directed into a nearby favela shanty town controlled by dangerous drugs gangsters from Rio’s notorious Third Command cartel.
But we could both see that this woman didn’t have long left, and an ambulance normally takes 20 minutes to arrive.
PC Douglas remembered: ‘We made a number of trips back to the police post to collect their belongings.
‘It is the first time we have ever had to dealt with something like this, a tourist has never been shot here in Angra dos Reis.
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