Study says you’re one of these four types of Facebook users


47 participants between the ages of 18 and 32 were recruited to answer 48 survey questions about their feelings using Facebook.
This group doesn’t view Facebook as an “open virtual social society,” but rather a place where they can share their honest thoughts, feelings, and stories.
Relationship builders are the people who share emotional videos, seemingly random yet heartfelt photos pulled from Google images, and pictures of their loved ones four times a day.
They also comment and engage with almost every post on their News Feed.
This group feels like Facebook is unavoidable, so they have a “might as well use it anyway” mentality.
They barely post pictures, update their profile, or interact with other people.
According to the study’s co-author Clark Callahan, this group, “wants to see what other people are doing.
If you can identify with statements like: “I can freely look at the Facebook profile of someone I have a crush on and know their interests and relationship status,” or “I have to use Facebook in order to stay connected with people,” you’re probably a window shopper.
One town crier stated in the study, “I don’t talk to my family on Facebook.. they are more important than that.” Town criers would rather call their loved one, instead of sending stickers and GIFs through Messenger.
The final group of people, Selfies, is exactly what it sounds like.
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