Spendwidth Is Allowing You to Become An Investor


Title III, Regulation CF rules, allows a private company to raise money from anyone through equity crowdfunding
I’m a 16-year entrepreneur that previously ran an Inc 5000 ranked tech company for six years.
However, the lure of entrepreneurship was still strong, and I decided to bring a previous idea back to life, in a new form.
In short, I wanted to create a platform that gave people a way to feel good about targeting their spending toward multiple cultures.
Image: C. Jibril Sulaiman II) How does your company compare to other competitors in the market?
This factor is important for those who want to target their support of local businesses.
This means we have to find alternative ways to raise the capital needed to fund our companies.
Raising under Regulation CF is similar to the “friends and family” round that most startups begin with.
This is not a Kickstarter or GoFundMe guys, these are real shares in an early startup!
Users can post their business, sell, or find businesses/sellers by downloading the app at https://spendwith.in/dl.
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