Pamela Adlon On Directing Every Episode of the Second Season of Her Remarkable FX Series ‘Better Things’


The same can be said for Adlon, creator of FX’s “ Better Things ,” which returns Sept.
Not only did she serve as showrunner and star once again (earning an Emmy nomination for best actress in a comedy), but she also directed every episode of the extraordinary second season — making for an even fuller, richer, more emotionally resonant experience.
FX Networks CEO John Landgraf says he’s been moved by the show — and surprised as well.
In another episode, Sam unloads on a date who doesn’t realize how needy he is.
“I don’t like things to be wrapped up neatly, because I want people to explore their own feelings about what’s happening,” Adlon says.
“I never had the ambition to be a director and do all of this, nor was it on my radar,” Adlon says.
“The actors come with this bag of gifts, and so you’ve got to trust in them.”
“The second season has scenes in it that would terrify me as a director,” he says.
“‘Louie’ was a workshop for us to learn how to do TV a little bit differently, but I think her show honestly is the best execution,” C.K. says.
This whole season was an experiment in ‘Things can be great and comfortable.’ You don’t have to scrape the marrow off your bones.”
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