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Prince Philip's secret stag-do revealed


Prince Philip held a private party at the Belfry Club in Westminster Twenty-five guests were invited to the exclusive event on November 14, 1947 Philip, then 26, held an official stag do before his wedding at Dorchester Hotel Details of Prince Philip's secret stag-do have been revealed - nearly 70 years after he married Princess Elizabeth It has now emerged that a few days before there was a...

A political shock throws Lebanon’s economy back into crisis


Just when things were starting to look up for Lebanon's economy, a new political crisis threatens to send it crashing down again Lebanon has long been buffeted by blows from the great-powers rivalry between Saudi Arabia and Iran Lebanese are hoping Saudi Arabia will be too wary of the negative impact on its own economy from such a mass expulsion An expulsion would also undermine decades of Saudi...

$280M Worth of Ethereum Is Trapped for a Pretty Dumb Reason


From there, research indicated this week that the Kremlin-linked hacking group APT28 (also known as Fancy Bear) has been exploiting a newly exposed vulnerability in Microsoft Office to do topical phishing attacks referencing the recent ISIS bike path attack in New York City A user, known on some sites as "devops199," triggered the bug this week (apparently by accident), gaining sole access to a...

Trump says Putin insulted by US election meddling claim


President Vladimir Putin felt insulted by allegations of Russian interference in the US election, Donald Trump has said after meeting him briefly at an Asia-Pacific summit in Vietnam "You can only ask so many times he said he absolutely did not meddle in our election," the US president said Mr Putin later described the allegations of meddling as "absurd" Several key former aides have already been...

Ahead of Trump's visit to Philippines, a big thumbs up from U.S. veterans


American James John Goodman, 51, does a high-five with female servers inside a bar in Subic, north of Manila, Philippines November 10, 2017 “Trump, I back him big time,” said Mike McCarthy, a former master chief with the US 7th Fleet, drinking in one of the American-themed bars that line Subic’s main street, with names like “Alaska”, “Crazy Horse” and “Rolling Stone” Others who will be in Manila...

North Korea says Trump begged for a war during his Asia trip


North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un North Korea said on Saturday that US President Donald Trump's first trip to Asia showed he was a "destroyer" and said he had begged for war on the Korean peninsula "Trump, during his visit, laid bare his true nature as destroyer of world peace and stability and begged for a nuclear war on the Korean peninsula," the foreign ministry spokesman said in a statement...

Millions remember the dead of the First World War


Past and serving servicemen will join well-wishers at the Cenotaph in Whitehall, London, to lay wreaths At 1045am, the National Memorial Arboretum, in Staffordshire, began an outdoor Service of Remembrance Some war veterans and military personnel will mark Remembrance Day 452ft in the air To mark Armistice Day, the tower lights will turn red on Saturday evening Pictured: A cadet helps plant a row...

Armistice Day: Two minutes' silence to mark remembrance


Big Ben, which has been silent since August while repair work is carried out, will chime at 11:00 GMT In Whitehall, the Western Front Association will hold their annual service of remembrance at the Cenotaph, where a two-minute silence will be held Image copyrightEPAImage caption The Field of Remembrance at Westminster Abbey On Sunday, Prince Charles will lay a wreath at the Cenotaph on his...

Mountain lion in San Francisco neighborhood is tranquilized


November 10, 2017 Human cells divide and create new cells throughout life In this process, a steady—even rhythmic—supply of DNA building blocks is needed to create new DNA November 10, 2017 "Studies on the risks of neonicotinoids have often focused on bees that have been experiencing population declines However, it is not just bees that are being affected by these insecticides," said Christy...

Trans-Pacific trade deal advances without United States


President Donald Trump ditched the TPP early this year in favor of an "America First" policy he believes would save US jobs Talks - often heated - have been held on the sidelines of an Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in the Vietnamese resort of Danang, where Trump and other leaders held their main meeting on Saturday "We have overcome the hardest part," Vietnam's trade minister...

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