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Becca Tilley Did This When She Realized Ellen Pompeo Was on Her Flight


Becca Tilley was on the same flight as Ellen Pompeo on Wednesday, July 19, and just like any of Us would, she her for a photo! The Bachelor alum, 25, took to Twitter to express her excitement and ask her followers for advice through a hilarious poll, which more than 7,000 people participated in Hot TV Doctors Fellow Bachelor contender Olivia Caridi also weighed in on the excitement, tweeting...

When Pac-Man Met Hello Kitty: ’80s Icons Join Forces in Mobile Game


It’s a match made in 1980s pop-culture heaven: Legendary video-game gobbler Pac-Man is teaming up with the superlovable cat-like Hello Kitty character in a limited-time mobile-game collaboration Hello Kitty will join Pac-Man to chomp dots, weave around corners, and avoid ghosts in a themed update to the Pac-Man app available now as a free download for Android and iOS devices on Google Play and...

Plastic surgeon concludes eagle's head wound was a burn


A plastic surgeon has determined that a mysterious head wound on a bald eagle found in southeast Nebraska was an electrical burn Rehabilitation manager Betsy Finch sent photos of it to veterinarians and raptor experts across the country A Nebraska plastic surgeon donated her time to remove the scab in a surgery on Sunday She volunteered some time away from her people practice to remove the scab...

Trump chides Senate Republicans on healthcare, says it is time for action


President Donald Trump scolded Senate Republicans on Wednesday for failing to reach agreement on repealing or overhauling Obamacare, demanding they keep their campaign promises and find a new healthcare approach People are hurting and, frankly, inaction is not an option," Trump told the Republican lawmakers "Any senator who votes against starting debate is really telling America that you're fine...

Madonna's Former Friend Says She Agreed Not to Sue Her, Can't Block Tupac Auction


7/19/2017 12:15 PM PDT Madonna had no right to get a restraining order against her former friend who was on the verge of auctioning off a letter Tupac wrote the singer, and the former friend is asking a judge to unblock the sale Darlene Lutz -- Madge's former art consultant and friend -- filed docs saying she and Madonna settled a very bitter dispute back in 2004 and part of the deal was that...

45 Great Moments in Black Business – No. 40: The Auto Dealer That Broke The Billion-Dollar Barrier


His is one of the few black businesses to reach $1 billion in revenue Gregory Jackson had always focused on customer service and sales performance to drive his St Clair Shores, Michigan-based megadealership Prestige Automotive to zoom past the competition At the time, his company’s 39% revenue bump from 2003 were derived from new locations—he then had a total of nine outlets—repair services and...

Elon Musk clarifies that AI regulation should follow observation and insight


Elon Musk made headlines over the weekend with comments calling for government controls around artificial intelligence, which he has said repeatedly he believes is an existential threat to humanity if left unchecked Musk was at the International Space Station R&D conference today, and during a fireside chat explained more about his views on the matter in response to an audience member question...

I used a meditation app for 30 days and all I got was one with the universe


But I spent 30 days with the Headspace app, meditating my ass off, in order to fix that The truth is, I set out to meditate for 30 days straight and failed miserably It’s all very smooth, with disembodied voices describing nice things in pleasant tones Which is good, this wasn’t something I was going to accomplish through calendar reminders alone What I like most about Headspace is the approach...

IT'S WAR: United Airlines president slams Frontier after $39 ticket announcement and vows 'United will win'


(Frontier also included a limited time offer for $39 tickets in its announcement) That's because Kirby sees Frontier's move as a sign that its point-to-point model has failed to hold up when exposed to price competition from large network carriers through products like basic economy fares "I've believed for many years that the ultra-low-cost carrier business model can't work when a network...

Oregon man arrested after burning mom's body in backyard


Matthew Gutierrez, 24, was charged with first-degree abuse of a corpse after he admitted to investigators to burning the body of Katherine McDowell, 57, in a furious rage Police have not yet determined the official cause of McDowell's death Beaverton police spokesman Bryan Dalton said the department was initially tipped off about a suspicious matter Monday afternoon when they received a phone...

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