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Biggest ever US lottery prize won by single ticket


The winning Powerball ticket has been claimed after it was bought at a shop in Watertown, Massachusetts The odds of winning the jackpot were put at one in 2922 million Professor Cornelius Nelan, from Quinnipiac University, said the odds were about the same as flipping a coin and getting heads 28 times in a row Image:The jackpot swelled to more than $700m It was the second largest lottery prize in...

Dixons Carphone warns on profit as mobile sales hit


Image copyrightGetty ImagesThe owner of Carphone Warehouse and Dixons has warned that more expensive mobile phone handsets and lower EU roaming charges will hurt its profits Dixons Carphone said it expected pre-tax profits this year of £360m to £440m, down from £501m last year The retailer said customers were not upgrading their phones as frequently because handsets had risen in price It also...

Google expands its public Wi-Fi program for emerging markets to Indonesia


Google is launching its public Wi-Fi program, which offers free connectivity at railway stations and other locations such as universities, in Indonesia, the company announced today The project is quite simple, it offers a free way to get online with a decent quality internet connection Google works with a range of partners that include ISPs, venue owners and system integrators on the project The...

Haugesund: Izer Aliu Hires ‘Taken’ Actor for Heist Movie (EXCLUSIVE)


HAUGESUND, Norway — Amanda winner and Nordic Council Film Prize Norwegian nominee Izer Aliu has attached Arben Bajraktaraj (“Taken”) to star in “Teacher Izat and the Lottery Heist” LevelK is handling international sales Albanian-born, Norway-based writer-director Aliu was just bestowed at Haugesund’s Norwegian Intl Besides Arben Bajraktaraj (“Taken”, “Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Part 1”)...

Neo-Nazi featured in Vice doc submits himself to police


Self-proclaimed white supremacist turns himself into authorities Cantwell is accused of three felonies after pepper spraying someone in the face Christopher Cantwell was featured in a recent Vice documentary Cantwell was prominently featured at the recent Charlottesville, Virginia rally Heather Heyer, 32, was killed while counter-protesting after an alleged neo-Nazi used his vehicle in a car...

News Daily: GCSE results and Dutch terror tip-off


Image copyrightPAImage caption Under pressure: Candidates have been sitting some new, tougher exams in England and Wales Under this system, an A is equivalent to a 7 while a C is anchored at the bottom of a grade 4 Remember politicians saying GCSEs were too easy and needed to be made more rigorous A van containing gas canisters has been discovered near a music venue in Rotterdam, hours after a...

Flytrex launches an autonomous on-demand drone delivery service in Iceland’s capital


While other companies, including Amazon, have tested drone deliveries, Flytrex says this is the first time a fully operational on-demand drone delivery service has launched in an urban area Drones will take orders from online marketplace AHA’s headquarters in Reykjavik to a destination two miles away during the project’s first phase Not only are deliveries faster, but they can also more cost...

U.S. Navy says remains found by Malaysia not of a USS McCain sailor


SINGAPORE (Reuters) - The US Navy said on Thursday remains found by the Malaysian navy were not those of a sailor from the damaged warship USS John S McCain The conclusion was made following medical examinations of the remains, which will be returned to Malaysian authorities, the US Seventh Fleet said in a statement posted on its website An international search-and-rescue operation involving...

Bitcoin is exploding in Venezuela — but not for the reason you think


As Venezuela suffers its worst meltdown in history, with inflation skyrocketing and basic necessities running in short supply, many have taken to bitcoin mining in a bid to survive, according to a report in the current issue of the Atlantic Electricity is now cheaper and more affordable in the crisis-hit country than most basic goods That's because under President Nicolás Maduro , electric power...

Zipline Launches Medical Supply Drone Deliveries in Tanzania


Each drone needed just 15 minutes to reach the hospital, where it dropped its payload on a pre-determined landing zone Now, Zipline is expanding into neighboring Tanzania, establishing the world’s largest national drone delivery service Its drones have clocked 60,000 , delivering blood to areas ground vehicles can’t reach quickly, or at all during the rainy season that turns roads to mud For the...

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