‘Orphan Black’ Finale Reveals the Total Number of Clones

Sarah then takes over that woman’s life for a time before learning that one doppelganger is quaint, but in reality, she has almost a dozen, who are clones of her and her twin sister Helena (Maslany).
While Helena is in labor, first hiding from Coady (Kyra Harper) and then silently communicating with Art (Kevin Hanchard) on how to finally take Coady down, Sarah engages in a quick game of cat-and-mouse with Westmorland himself.
But “Orphan Black” does not end there because although the show started with two, it quickly became about so many more, and everyone deserves a proper send-off.
She went full steam ahead on her mission for the last few years, but now that the dust has cleared, she is still that lost girl who used to con and run.
But this time, Sarah is surrounded by a family who won’t let her go or give up.
And it doesn’t take a dance party but a much more poignant bonding session about shortcomings from the seestras that gives Sarah what she needs to truly move on.
Felix (Jordan Gavaris) further aids them by meeting with Rachel (Maslany) and finally getting the full list of Leida sisters – an astonishing 274 names.
Of course the series can’t end without one last underwear dance from Donnie, and Helena even finally finishes her book, entitling it “Orphan Black” (because, as Cosima points out, “we’re all orphans”).
“My story is an embroidery with many beginnings and no end, but I will start with the thread of my sister Sarah who stepped off the train one day and met herself,” she translates from her native Ukranian.
After five seasons, two sets of clones, and countless casualties, that is the true happy ending.
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