[Opinion]: An Elitist Take on Net Neutrality


“Better broadband connections in neglected rural America, poverty-stricken inner cities, and other underserved areas is a most worthy goal.
The internet must always remain an organic force, subject to innovative disruptors, technological advances, and yes, market dynamics.
While the LA Times derided him for having “never met a regulation he didn’t want to kill,” Pai is actually keenly aware of the power of regulations to kill.
His efforts to rein in government meddling have been met with abusive, threatening, and largely computer-generated comments that net neutrality activists managed to flood the FCC’s website with this past spring.
Chairman Pai understands that connecting more Americans and closing the digital divide is a game changing opportunity.
His Digital Empowerment Agenda seeks to improve rural connectivity and bring high-speed internet access to all Americans regardless of location.
According to a recent study by Pew Research Center, only 55% of rural Americans use broadband at home.
Chairman Pai is working to make every effort to close this divide and improve digital awareness outside of urban communities.
If we are lucky, the internet will always be more revolutionary than evolutionary.
Even if the LA Times is ready to pick winners and losers, lawmakers and regulators in Washington should not be in the business of tipping the scales in favor of one group of companies over another and particularly not value tech giants over underserved communities.
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