No, flying to the US to buy an iPhone X (probably) won’t save you money


Apple has launched a new flagship iPhone , and all of Euro-twitter is aghast at how affordable it is in the US compared to their own countries.
Some have done the math , and figured out that you can actually fly to New York, stay for a couple of nights, and pick up an iPhone X for what you’d pay in Mainland Europe.
Well, pointing out the obvious, New York is a bloody expensive city.
If you plan to eat anything, or intend to use a mode of transportation other than your own two legs, you can pretty much forget about breaking even.
In California, the baseline is 7.25 percent, although local municipalities can add their own sales taxes on top of that.
Sales tax isn’t factored into the ticket price.
You have to add it on top, making the cost of an entry-level iPhone X in New York almost $90 more expensive.
Compare that to pretty much every country in Europe, where the ticket price is what you pay.
Even the cheapest iPhone X goes beyond any duty free allowance.
For punters in Latin America, schlepping to the US might actually save them some money.
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