French president vows help for Irma's damage in Caribbean


In further responses to complaints that his government didn’t do enough to handle Irma’s wrath, Macron also pledged to evacuate residents of his country’s Caribbean territories and provide services and shelter for those who choose to stay.
“What we have seen today are people determined to rebuild and return to a normal life,” Macron said Tuesday.
He said France was bringing in air-conditioned tents so children can start classes again soon, and that a center would be established by Monday to begin processing requests for financial help.
Macron pledged to rebuild St. Martin as a “model island” that would be a “showcase of French excellence.”
“We have seen there are many homes that were built too precariously, with fragile infrastructure.
Johnson told Anguilla governor Tim Foy Tuesday night that his visit is meant to show the U.K.
The visits came as residents tried to revive a sense of normalcy with small gestures like sharing radios and rescuing dogs.
Yogesh Bodha, a jewelry store employee, said there was no response from European officials for two days and he hasn’t seen many changes since Dutch authorities arrived on St. Maarten.
For Liseth Echevarria, who works as a bartender in St. Maarten, offering whatever she could to family, strangers and abandoned pets was helping her cope — and those around her were doing the same.
Echevarria scooped up the dog named Oliver and took him home to meet her three other dogs, including one rescued from a neighbor’s property.
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