Flaky Bakes’ CEO Lateshia Dowell on Making ‘Piekies’ Pies and Being a ‘One-Woman Show’


Bringing the joy of baked goods to everyone and remembering Grandmommy
On Episode 11 of Steve Harvey’s Funderdome, Lateshia Dowell pitched her business, Flaky Bakes—a metro Detroit home-based, delivery-only, cookie company specializing in piekies (pie cookies)—in the Funderdome.
(Steve Harvey and Flaky Bakes CEO Lateshia Dowell on Funderdome.
My grandmother passed away in 2009 from cancer and she was a baker, not by trade but by passion.
She made cakes and there was always a cake at her house whenever you went over.
I never thought it was until my grandmother died and I didn’t have that cake anymore.
Image: Facebook/Flaky Bakes) I was more nervous than I thought I’d be.
I would go from gospel music, because I was so thankful for the opportunity but then I’d listen to rap music, particularly DJ Khaled’s “All I Do Is Win” because I didn’t want to lose the adrenaline I was feeling.
(Image: ABC/Lisa Rose) I gained a great lesson in patience from this experience and learned you can’t rush the process.
During the four day program, 28 students helped me develop a plan to grow Flaky Bakes in the next year by moving into a commercial kitchen and hiring part-time staff.
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