Closing tabs is the only way to keep Tabagotchi alive


I’m terrible at managing my browser tabs, and I blame partly on the nature of my job, and partly on my inability to banish distractions at work.
If you’re like me, you’ve probably tried a tab management tool or two, like those that made our list .
In fact, I’m enlisting a friend to help me kick my tab addiction.
Mimicking the electronic pets that took Japan – and eventually, the world – by storm in the 90s, this extension for Chrome and Opera puts a digital creature on your new tab page.
That’s a fitting metaphor for my brain with several unread web pages, too.
That’s the hard part of caring for this digital pet – you need to live with five or fewer tabs for 10 hours in order to have it grow into its next form.
While it seems kinda silly, it is an interesting way to get yourself to focus on a single task, instead of lining up a bunch of things that you’ll eventually want to get to.
While I can’t yet attest to fixing my habit in the long term, I did find myself thinking twice before clicking links in Twitter, now that a creature’s life was hanging in the balance.
That means less memory hogging for Chrome, and fewer distractions while I’m trying to publish a piece.
Tabagotchi is perhaps best used in tandem with other extensions to keep your browser from getting cluttered; for example, you could use OneTab , which grabs the links to all your open tabs and funnels them into a list on a single page that you can save for later.
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