Facebook vows to manually review ad targeting after ‘Jew-Haters’ scandal


Facebook failed to foresee how turning user-written interests and employer information from profiles into ad targeting options could turn offensive Facebook quickly suspended the use of all user-submitted info for ad targeting after ProPublica surfaced how people could target “jew-hater” or “How to burn jews” with Facebook ads last week Sandberg says Facebook has since vetted and approved the top...

Digital Ocean launches Spaces, its object storage service


Digital Ocean today announced Spaces , its object storage service This complements the company’s block storage service Both of these services have different use cases, of course; unlike the block storage service, Spaces — as an object store — can scale up far beyond the 16TB limit of the block storage service because it’s not volume-based and not about connecting storage to a virtual machine For...

The realities of joining the big league: On working with the Fortune 500


For independent entrepreneurs, agility is key here – working with a Fortune 500 company means taking both hands off the wheel, and being open to other ways of thinking Since procurement at larger companies can take more time, annual contracts are usually the standard This is opposed to month-to-month contracts, which small and medium sized businesses may feel more comfort with Longer contracts...

7 dynamic e-commerce experts share their best advice for future entrepreneurs


In today’s world, the trend towards e-commerce has become significant as more entrepreneurs try to create their own online stores To address these questions, events such as eCommCon , the first ever eCommerce virtual summit, have started to spark When finding a good mentor can be hard, events like these enable entrepreneurs to gain instant insights into what makes a million-dollar e-commerce...

Senate Intelligence Committee wants Facebook to appear in a public Russia hearing


According to its chairman, the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence intends to call Facebook to a public hearing on Russia’s interference in the 2016 US presidential election North Carolina Senator Richard Burr made remarks confirming the committee’s interest in speaking with Facebook to reporters on Tuesday, the Hill reports “We’re in agreement on a Facebook public hearing,” Burr said “It’s...

HubSpot acquires chatbot builder Motion AI


Motion AI launched in 2015 and offers an editor for building chatbots that work on websites, Facebook Messenger, SMS and Slack, no coding required Even before the acquisition, the tool was already integrated into HubSpot Free CRM The entire Motion AI team, including founder and CEO David Nelson, will be joining HubSpot The companies also said they’ll be sharing more details about the integration...

Steam will now fight review trolls with the power of graphs


Now there will be an infograph in the review section which will show spikes in review activity, and whether the activity is positive or negative In a Steam Community blog post , Valve UI designer Alden Kroll described the thought process that led up to the new graph, mentioning review bombing by name: In short, review bombs make it harder for the Review Score to achieve its goal of accurately...

This is Nest’s new video doorbell


We’re live at a Nest press conference in San Francisco, where the company is debuting new products rapid fire The latest debut: Nest Hello, a smart video doorbell If you’re familiar with existing products like the Ring video doorbell , this one is of a similar vein — just with all of Nest’s usual polish It’s got a microphone/speaker rig built-in so you can communicate with whoever’s at your door...

Target rolls out Bluetooth beacon technology in stores to power new indoor maps in its app


As you move through the store, your location will update, too – similar to how the blue dot appears on Google Maps, for example But in Target’s case, it’s not GPS that’s coming into play here The retailer instead had invested in Bluetooth and beacon technology which it has been rolling out across its stores in order to support this new feature “I want our digital experiences to be every bit as...

Become a credible Android expert by creating 14 cool apps — learn how for only $17


Despite all the buzz and massive press coverage around the annual Apple iPhone rollout event, there’s an inescapable fact: Android continues to be the worldwide leader among operating systems powering the globe’s mobile devices — and their lead just keeps growing As of last month, Android-run devices account for a whopping 877 percent market share, with Apple’s iOS a distant second at just over...

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