Flickr has been acquired by SmugMug – so where should you store your photos?


Over the weekend, photo hosting platform SmugMug acquired Flickr from Yahoo – sorry, Verizon ; merging two companies that have offered similar services for nearly 15 years So what’s changing, and in which cloud should you stash your photographs SmugMug said that it couldn’t pass up the opportunity to bring two photography communities together, and that it doesn’t yet have any plans to unify the...

Udacity tackles cybersecurity with its latest nanodegree


Your organization, together with Udacity, can help shape the future of Cybersecurity training, and nurture the world’s most advanced pipeline of highly-qualified Cybersecurity talent Through our partnership, your organization will have early access to this incredible talent pipeline, and the opportunity to hire those experts who have trained on the curriculum you helped to build We see this kind...

Google confirms some of its own services are now getting blocked in Russia over the Telegram ban


The paper plane send-off was a small, flashmob turn in a “Digital Resistance” — Durov’s preferred term — that has otherwise largely been played out online: currently, nearly 18 million IP addresses are knocked out From what we understand, Google Search, Gmail and push notifications for Android apps are among the products being affected At its peak, RKN had blocked nearly 19 million IP addresses...

Empathy technologies like VR, AR, and social media can transform education


While this may sound trite, it was actually a seismic innovation for people in the pre-industrial age who didn’t see, hear or interact with those outside of their village Demand for these tools originates from educators both in schools and corporate environments who have a mandate around successful collaboration Teachers who are on the front lines of this growing diversity consider it their job...

Amazon’s next conquest will be apparel


Based on the company’s great ambitions in apparel, it may not be long before we also see Bezos at New York Fashion Week next to Anna Wintour But the company’s quest to dominate fashion has faced several historical obstacles, chief among them that people have not trusted buying apparel online out of a desire to try on the items first and that Amazon was not perceived as a “cool” brand Amazon...

Connecting our homeless neighbors with their loved ones


What sometimes prevents people from finding a new home is a lack of available resources, pricey rent costs and lost connections with friends, family and loved ones The latter part is where Miracle Messages , founded by Kevin Adler, aims to come in There are number of factors that play into people losing touch with their loved ones, Adler told me on the latest episode of CTRL+T For example...

These common mistakes make tech startups less fundable, according to a VC


Throughout my nearly three-decade career in the venture capital industry, I’ve had the privilege of meeting innovative teams and looking at next-generation products on a daily basis — especially in areas such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, cybersecurity, and virtual reality It was obvious he didn’t fully understand the domain and that his learning curve would be significant But...

Gillmor Gang: Carrier Pigeon


The Gillmor Gang — John Taschek, Denis Pombriant, Keith Teare, Esteban Kolsky, and Steve Gillmor Recorded live Friday, April 20, 2018 G3: Privacy Fence — Mary Hodder, Maria Ogneva, Francine Hardaway, Kristie Wells, and Tina Chase Gillmor Recorded live Friday, April 20, 2018 @stevegillmor, @jtaschek, @kteare, @DenisPombriant, @ekolsky Produced and directed by Tina Chase Gillmor @tinagillmor To...

Starting a business? Learn everything you don’t know with this $29.99 training package


For even the most can’t-miss business concept, there are still vital administrative, fiscal, and leadership issues any entrepreneur needs to address before seriously birthing a new enterprise into the world It’s available right now at over 90 percent off its retail price, just $2999 from TNW Deals From a sound business structure to the right financial plan, to knowing how to lead your...

4 great occasions to start your business’ video strategy


With a detailed account of his budget allocations, he suggested us too to give it a thought Zimplistic’s video is a great example of how you can use customers questions as an opportunity to establish a closer relationship with them But coming up with an idea for such a video is easier said than done! What’s important to note though is that social responsibility doesn’t have to be associated with...

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