Media startup Cheddar launches its TV channel in Europe with Molotov


Business news network Cheddar has been partnering with social media platforms and OTT services in the US Unlike many new media companies, the startup has been focusing on live video content Cheddar founder and CEO Jon Steinberg told me that Molotov can access the feed without any licensing fee However, Cheddar has been running brand-sponsored shows and brand integrations — those sponsored...

How to prepare for the cryptocurrency revolution


Much like the early internet, experienced technologists foresee blockchain as a vehicle to drive society forward Though volatile in nature, Bitcoin represents a not so far away future where payments are secure, data-driven, and digital Yet, with all the hype and promise surrounding cryptocurrencies, there is still tons of confusion around how exactly to prepare for this revolution Especially with...

Pact Coffee founder steps down from CEO role as London startup looks to B2B for growth


subscription service that delivers freshly roasted “specialty coffee” to your door, has seen a change of leadership as the company plans to focus more on the B2B side of its business After 5 years running Pact, TechCrunch understands that founder Stephen Rapoport has stepped down from his role as CEO and instead will act as Chairman going forward He’s being replaced by new MD Paul Turton, who has...

Authorities serve Apple a warrant for Texas shooter’s iPhone


Two weeks ago today, 26 people were killed by a gunman at First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas Two phones were discovered at the scene: older push-button LG and what local news described as a “blood spattered” Apple iPhone SE Now local law enforcement has served Apple with a search warrant in order to retrieve information from the smartphone The company, it seems, could have provided...

100 cryptocurrencies described in four words or less


Nate MurrayContributor
Nate Murray is a programmer, musician and beekeeper
He works at IFTTT and has been working with terabyte-scale data since 2009
This list describes cryptocurrencies
Each gets four words
There are many
Some are landmarks
Some are scams
Hopefully this provides orientation
Featured Image: Li-Anne Dias
To read the full article click on the link below:

Ello Again…


Soon millions of people (including yours truly) signed on just to see what all the fuss was about The platform quickly ballooned to nearly 3 million community members in a short few months Well, now Ello has a new CEO, Todd Berger, who helped co-found the company Instead, it was originally created as a place for artists to share their work As for that other CEO, I’m told he’s gone off quietly to...

For less than $20, you can be the amazing speaker you’ve always wanted to be


Not everyone is born with a gift of gab In fact, if you’re like most of us, even the thought of standing in front of a large group and talking about virtually anything is enough to make you start hyperventilating a bit Yet despite the fear, remember this — public speaking isn’t a natural born talent It’s a skill…and like any skill, it can be developed You can learn how to get the art of verbal...

Cultural accumulation vs. cultural decay


Don’t worry; I’m not getting all moralistic on you here We have too much culture to have a culture, you see, and that’s basically all tech’s fault — but it’s not necessarily a problem Have you noticed that it’s a whole lot easier to make music and movies these days But, curiously, at the same time, another thing is happening: art lasts longer to read Austen and Dostoevsky than you were forty...

Be smart — use big data for your small business


But their smaller brethren still aren’t reaping the same benefits of real-time digital interconnectivity Website visits should translate into conversions, so you need to decide what you want to track — downloads, registrations, inquiries, leads, appointments, purchases, new accounts — and shift your focus from hits to those measures instead Many small businesses often overestimated the potential...

Zego picks up £6M Series A led by Balderton for its gig economy worker insurance


Founded by Harry Franks, Sten Saar and Stuart Kelly in 2016, Zego has set out to re-invent commercial insurance for self-employed people, with a particular focus on contractors powering various parts of the gig economy This sounds like an incredibly simple proposition on the surface and a bit of a no-brainer, but, CEO and co-founder Franks tells me, is quite challenging under the hood, not least...

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