Five new blanket-hermit crab species described 130 years later from the Pacific


Instead, they have developed a symbiotic relationship with sea anemones to cover their soft bellies To do this, the crabs use highly specialized chelipeds to pull back and forth the anemone's tissue to cover their soft bodies and heads whenever necessary -- much like hiding under a blanket However, shortly thereafter and upon learning of JR Henderson's earlier work, A Alcock concluded that his...

A blood test when it is safe to return to play after a sports-related concussion


A high-sensitive blood test can aid concussed hockey players when it might be safe to return to play In a study published by the journal Neurology, researchers at Sahlgrenska Academy, Sweden, has identified a superior blood-based biomarker for assessing subtle brain injury "This could serve as an objective test a long side clinical evaluation to whether a player is fit to return to playing...

It’s been 20 years since Microsoft’s most embarrassing moment (besides Vista, obviously)


Forgive me if this article makes you feel old, but I feel it’s my journalistic responsibility to inform you that this video of Windows 98 shitting the bed in a most public fashion turned 20 years old this weekend Twenty years ago, Microsoft CEO Bill Gates and assistant Chris Capossela (who is now Chief Marketing Officer at Redmond) were demonstrating Windows 98 before a live audience at the...

Design thinking sucks, but it doesn’t have to


Usually employed as a quick PR stunt, companies fail to understand how it can genuinely help create something powerful At TNW Conference in May , the Design Thinkers track will explain how to use it effectively across fields, including space exploration and healthcare environments Before design thinking is applied to a specific field or industry, there’s a general baseline for describing the...

Asthma and hay fever linked to increased risk of psychiatric disorders


While previous studies have linked allergies with certain psychiatric or emotional disorders, this is the first to find a connection between common allergies and the overall risk of developing psychiatric disorders Dr Nian-Sheng Tzeng , from Tri-Service General Hospital in Taiwan and lead author of the study, noticed something unexpected about these patients "As a clinician, I observed that some...

Binance to create employment opportunities for Uganda’s youth in blockchain


Zhao is currently in Uganda actively interacting with the local blockchain community He held an open meeting with the Blockchain Association of Uganda (BAU), exploring opportunities for collaboration “Binance is tailor-making partnerships according to the environment”, BAU quoted him as saying Zhao also hinted on his Twitter that this initiative is just a start, and Binance will be increasingly...

MIT study shows the most successful entrepreneurs are in their forties


The tech world can sometimes feel like Logan’s Run According to a working paper from MIT Sloan professor Pierre Azoulay and PhD student Daniel Kim, they’re busy starting companies — and are arguably doing a better job of it too This was especially true for companies in the high-tech “knowledge economy” Per an article on MITedu , from Meredith Somers: And if you’ve worked in an industry for some...

Facebook hit with defamation lawsuit over fake ads


In an interesting twist, Facebook is being sued in the UK for defamation by consumer advice personality, Martin Lewis, who says his face and name have been repeatedly used on fake adverts distributed on the social media giant’s platform Lewis, who founded the popular MoneySavingExpertcom tips website, says Facebook has failed to stop the fake ads despite repeat complaints and action on his part...

Meizu sticks with bezels for its new 15 series phones


Celebrating its 15th anniversary in business, Chinese hardware brand Meizu has launched its 15 series of Android phones The series doesn’t go the way of numerous other recent devices which offer tall screens and notches cutting into their displays; instead, they feature more traditional front fascias with bezels and a front-facing home button The 15 Plus and 15 both come with a 12-megapixel + 20...

Pulling Up a Piece of Hades’s Home


As soon as the ship hauls its deep-sea probe out of the water and Rowden sees that his precious payload is safely back on deck, his fatigue gives way to excitement The swift approach of deep-sea mining may be driving renewed scientific interest in these regions as well, Rowden says The world’s first commercial mining extraction project could start as soon as this year , and the recent discovery...

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