Apple’s MacBook Air turns 10


Ten years ago today, Steve Jobs triumphantly held up a manilla interoffice mail envelope to a round of applause at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco Ten years and seven generations later, the MacBook Air’s design hasn’t changed all that much — a rarity for an aesthetically obsessed company like Apple That first Air hit the market in February 2008, weighing a mere three pounds (Apple...

This gadget turns your old piano into an educational ‘smart’ piano


That’s why I’m curious anytime I come across a new resource to make the journey easier – like this gadget called the Piano Hi-Lite I came across at CES It uses guide lights to tell you which notes to play when learning a new piece The device is basically a long strip of LED lights designed to fit any standard 88-key piano, slotting in between the black keys while leaving you enough room to play...

The best gadgets we saw at CES 2018


Things didn’t end too well for poor Aibo the last time around, but no one ever said love was easy And besides, who are we to say “no” to those ridiculous puppy dog eyes Granted, $1,600 (plus a monthly service fee) is a ridiculous sum of money to pay for a high tech toy — especially an unproven one But Sony managed to win us over with the new Aibo during what was an otherwise lackluster CES...

Inside Telegram’s ambitious $1.2B ICO to create the next Ethereum


From the documents, it is clear that Telegram isn’t content with sitting on a platform like Ethereum for its token sale and services, as most ICOs are Telegram’s ICO will be a record if all goes according to plan, but that’s only the start The company plans to raise a staggering $12 billion in total, starting with a $600 million pre-sale that’s strictly for traditional venture capital backers and...

A modest primer for Ethereum programming


I’m a long-term cryptocurrency believer, pretty saddened to see the space degenerate into something about as interesting and brimming with emergent properties as an unregulated penny-stock market But there are still some genuinely interesting, technically innovative blockchain projects out there, if you look for them: Blockstack, Foam, Mattereum, etc And at my day job at HappyFunCorp we’ve been...

Reading robots aren’t here to threaten your jobs


AI developed by Microsoft and Alibaba, independently, last week became the first to beat humans at reading comprehension What this definitely means is chatbots are getting a little better at their jobs, update-by-update, thanks to cutting-edge research in deep learning networks And two giant companies have set the bar for accuracy higher yet again Of course there’s a little more to it than that...

PSA: No, you can’t order a Batman toy by yelling ‘Batman’ at your Echo


There are a number of reasons why one may take issue with White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders using the official @PressSec Twitter to register a personal complaint about a consumer product in her household, as she recently did with a tweet about Amazon Alexa But the one issue we’re going to mention here on TechCrunch is that she’s incorrectly characterizing how Amazon Alexa’s e-commerce...

Google’s Arts & Culture app only offers art-matching selfie feature to a select few


If you’re interested in the recent update to Google’s Arts and Culture app, which uses machine learning to match your selfie to a lookalike in an extensive library of classic art, you’d better hope you’re in the right place Though the update is several weeks old by this point, it finally seeped into public view by way of several tweets from celebrities who showed their artistic doppelgangers...

Researchers finds that one person likely drove Bitcoin from $150 to $1,000


Researchers Neil Gandal, JT Hamrick, Tyler Moore, and Tali Oberman have written a fascinating paper on Bitcoin price manipulation Gox Bitcoin currency exchange, in which approximately 600,000 bitcoins (BTC) valued at $188 million were fraudulently acquired,” the researchers wrote “During both periods, the USD-BTC exchange rate rose by an average of four percent on days when suspicious trades took...

TRON’s sloppy PR shows everything that’s wrong with cryptocurrency startups


Days after that, the McAfee effect was on full display and TRON’s value had skyrocketed from a measly 4¢ to almost 29¢ But it seems this astonishing bull run is gradually coming to a halt – and not without reason As a result, its price has since flopped back to under $010 – half of what it was less than 10 days ago Indeed, all stars seemed to be aligning for TRON when CEO Justin Sun – who has...

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