This free typeface is perfect for adding placeholder text to your wireframes


Wireframing is an integral part of the design process in building web and mobile apps, and speed is key to getting your ideas on to the drawing board That’s why it makes sense to ditch all the standard ‘lorem ipsum’ dummy text and go with Flow This free typeface, created by Shopify designer Dan Ross , skips letters and instead features abstract representations of text for sentences and paragraphs...

How the death industry is going digital


On Friday, November 11, scores of Facebook users logged into their accounts to find that they were dead The memorialized profile can’t be logged into, barring potential hacks, and it allows friends to post memories and images, but prevents the account from triggering things like birthday reminders or reconnection suggestions Now, tech startups are coming forward to draw on this new fluency...

The questions almost no startup founders ask


Over the years, my firm Brass Check has worked with many hundreds of startups, writers and makers Just as every politician has to create his or her own coalition in order to win, no creator can magically inherit the audience of another As Peter Thiel outlines in Zero to One, the key often to start by dominating a small niche where you have a specific audience As he put it, “Dominate a small niche...

Mozilla is crowdsourcing 10,000 hours of audio so anyone can build voice apps


The tech industry is convinced that voice-based interaction will be a big part of our future, and we’ve seen proof of that in AI-powered assistants on our phones and smart speakers But it’s not easy or cheap to build your own voice recognition system for an app or gadget because that requires plenty of data to learn from The folks at Mozilla, who are behind the popular Firefox browser, want to...

Google introduces the feed, a news stream of your evolving interests


More than four years after the launch of Google Now, the company has fully dissolved its AI assistant into the DNA of many of its core product offerings Nowhere is this impact more evident than in search, where Google has significantly shaken up its philosophy on what a term like “search” even means when you know so much about users and their interests Today, Google is delivering an update to the...

Samsung’s Bixby voice assistant is finally available to S8 owners in the US


Credit: Samsung After months of delays, Samsung has finally launched its Bixby AI-powered voice assistant in the US for Galaxy S8 and S8+ users It’s taken nearly three months to bring it stateside, and it isn’t clear how long it’ll take for Bixby to arrive in other countries or support other languages and Samsung handsets It isn’t just the S8 flagship experience that hinges on Bixby: the company...

Samsung’s Bixby assistant finally comes to the Galaxy S8 and S8+ in the US


After much delay, Samsung has begun rolling out it Bixby smart assistant to users in the US The company said today that an update will allow owners of the Galaxy S8 and S8+ to gain voice capabilities for the service Now, however, those luckily users in the US will be able to navigate their device, make calls, set tasks and more using their voice thanks to Bixby “Almost anything you could do with...

IBM expands its cloud footprint with new data centers in London, Sydney and San Jose


IBM reported its quarterly earnings this week and while the company’s overall results were once again disappointing , cloud revenue was up 15 percent year-over-year and accounted for $39 billion in revenue It’s no surprise then that IBM is doubling down on its cloud strategy and to keep its momentum going, the company today announced the launch of four new data centers for its customers These new...

Apple’s Greater China business now has its own managing director for the first time


Apple has appointed Isabel Ge Mahe as its first vice president and managing director of its business in Greater China China-born Ge Mahe is tasked with managing Apple’s China business, and she will report into CEO Tim Cook and COO Jeff Williams when she takes up the role, which is based out of Shanghai, “later this summer” Ge Mahe is currently located in California, where she has spent the last...

This Chrome extension will blur out offensive language on your feed


If you’re sick of reading hateful comments and distressing news headlines, Soothe is here to help Soothe is a Chrome extension that blurs out content that is considered homophobic, racist, sexist, transphobic, violent, and sexually violent by the user The founders, Nikola Draca and Angus McLean, developed Soothe to combat anxiety and mental illness ー both of which are pressing concerns in today’s...

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