Tosca Musk raises $4.75M for Passionflix, a streaming service that’s all about romance


It’s not like romantic comedies are missing from theaters, or from Netflix, but Passionflix co-founder Tosca Musk (she’s a film director and producer, as well as the sister of Elon and Kimbal Musk) said the genre is dwarfed by action blockbusters “There just aren’t a lot of romances done at all,” Musk said The goal, Musk said, is to focus on “positive relationships between men and women” — though...

Facebook’s ‘Bonfire’ comes to Android (sort of)


Facebook’s latest attempt at a standalone app — that totally isn’t a complete copy of another — is available now on Android Bonfire, Facebook’s new-ish group video chat app is now available on the Play Store Unfortunately, you probably won’t be able to download it due to geo-restrictions In its iOS rollout — first spotted by TNW — the app was restricted to Denmark Clearly aimed at millennials...

The First Hydrogen Bomb


On Friday, a few writers started to hint that a huge bomb had been exploded out in the Pacific In fact, the Ivy Mike test device—it wasn’t a deliverable bomb, since it weighed 82 tons—used a Hiroshima-style fission bomb as the trigger to set off fusion reactions in a large dewar of super-cooled deuterium, or heavy hydrogen The development of such a fusion weapon had been no secret You won’t find...

Everything you need to know about the Google Pixel 2 XL’s display woes


To people coming from wide gamut displays – almost any other Android flagship released in the past few years – sRGB will appear comparatively muted Well, sRGB has long been the color space standard, and its ubiquity helps ensure some accuracy across devices You can imagine some engineer at Samsung being like “okay, so this shade of red was technically designed for sRGB, but I have all these extra...

Cisco Spark Assistant bringing voice commands to meeting hardware


Anyone who has used modern meeting software knows it’s still fraught with challenges trying to get everyone into the meeting, futzing with the hardware or software and smoothly integrating external documents like PowerPoint presentations The artificial intelligence underlying the voice recognition technology is courtesy of MindMeld, a conversational AI company that Cisco purchased in May for $125...

Mobile holiday shopping visits in U.S. will surpass desktop for first time


Mobile’s contribution to holiday shopping, in terms of both visits and sales, has been growing every year The new forecast is based on an analysis of one trillion visits to over 4,500 retail sites and 55 million SKUs, the company says Walmart had noted that 70 percent of its website traffic around Black Friday came from mobile Target had even said that mobile accounted for over 60 percent of its...

Is your ISP secretly throttling your internet speed? Here’s how to find out


While knowingly stepping outside the boundaries of the Title II classification carries the possibility of hefty fines and additional regulation by the FCC – for the most part – the average consumer would never realize throttling or degradation was even taking place The ‘ Internet Health Test ‘ by Battle for the Net is an attempt to install a sense of checks and balances for these ISPs by...

Pandora made $80M in U.S. app store revenue in Q3, booting Netflix from the top grossing spot


That pushed it ahead of Netflix, which has held the top ranking on this chart for several quarters However, Netflix was still the number one app by revenue globally (again, excluding games) in Q3 To be clear, Sensor Tower’s look into app store revenue is only includes in-app spending, which doesn’t paint a picture of Pandora’s business as a whole In addition to subscriptions, which can also be...

Blue Apron shares trade down 9% after disappointing earnings


Blue Apron just can’t catch a break The company handily beat revenue expectations, but its losses were also worse than expected Revenue was $2106 million, a 3% increase from the same period last year Analysts surveyed by Yahoo Finance had been predicting $1915 million But losses were 47 cents per share, when Wall Street was bracing for a loss of 42 cents “We are now focused on optimizing our...

#MyOneScienceTweet makes Twitter seem like a smarter place


Science lovers of the world are getting a fabulous dose of social media this week as #MyOneScienceTweet trends on Twitter Thanks to the magic and wizardry of the internet, scientists are able to somehow send us messages by displaying colors and words on our screens — and we get to learn a few things in the process PhD candidate Dalton Ludwick last Thursday asked scientists in the Twitter...

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