Apply today to exhibit in Startup Alley at Disrupt SF 2018


Spring may have barely sprung, but if early stage companies want an exhibitor’s table in Startup Alley at Disrupt San Francisco 2018 you need to apply now Our biggest, most ambitious Disrupt ever takes place on Sept The second way to exhibit — and score a FREE Startup Alley Exhibitor Package — is to be selected by the TechCrunch editorial team as a TC Top Pick Our seasoned editorial team will...

Nifty new site warns you which games have microtransactions


Now there’s a community-built site where you can check your games ahead of time to see if they have microtransactions, and if so, how they work It has a relatively diverse, if limited library of games at the moment — site creator “igrat” said on Reddit all content would be manually verified Each game entry on Microtransaction Zone comes with a series of icons, which are tagged if a game possesses...

Hungry birds as climate change drives food 'mismatch'


Warmer springs create a "mismatch" where hungry chicks hatch too late to feast on abundant caterpillars, new research shows With continued spring warming expected due to climate change, scientists say hatching of forest birds will be "increasingly mismatched" with peaks in caterpillar numbers They also tested a theory that some bird species in southern Britain may suffer most due to a greater...

Amazon is cramming Alexa into household robot


Amazon responded to requests for comment by saying it doesn’t discuss rumors or speculation In fact, this whole project could fizzle and never see the light of day — though that seems unlikely given the current popularity of AI-powered consumer products What we do know is, according to the Bloomberg report, sources familiar with the project say the robots are being designed as “a sort of mobile...

Heptio launches an open source load balancer for Kubernetes and OpenStack


In addition, Heptio says its headcount quadrupled since the beginning of 2017 It’s easy to achieve high growth numbers if you’re starting out from zero, after all This new tool, Heptio Gimbal , has a very specific use case that is probably only of interest to a relatively small number of users — but for them, it’ll be a lifeline Gimbal, which Heptio developed together with Yahoo Japan subsidiary...

Size, structure help poziotinib pose threat to deadly exon 20 lung cancer


"There's no effective treatment for these patients, so we're encouraged by early clinical trial results that show 7 of 11 patients (64 percent) with EGFR exon 20 mutations have confirmed tumor shrinkage after poziotinib treatment," says John Heymach, MD, professor and chair of Thoracic/Head and Neck Medical Oncology Approved targeted therapies against EGFR mutations, which improve progression...

CBS All Access arrives in Canada to kick off international expansion efforts


While in the US, subscribers can choose from either an ad-supported or a commercial-free tier at $599 per month or $999 per month, respectively, Canadian viewers will only have a commercial-free option available at $599 CAD per month The subscription offers access to over 7,500 on-demand episodes, including full current seasons of CBS shows, entire past seasons of current shows, and full seasons...

Lightning Network’s total network capacity crosses $150k


Lightning Network — touted as the solution to Bitcoin ’s scalability problem — seems to be growing leaps and bound in spite of still being in a nascent stage Statistics show that the total number of active nodes on Lightning Network have crossed 2,000, with 5,801 open channels on the main network, while its total network capacity has ballooned past $150,000 The number of active nodes on the...

The best weird stress remedies to match your weird personality


Yes, the internet is a vast ocean of self-help posts on how to cure your stress best If you’re looking for ways to deal with your stress that doesn’t include any physical activity, look no further Now that you’ve got your body pinned down, it’s time to move on to the mind For relaxing your mind, any true Garfield would immediately be set at ease with the soothing sound of this cat purr generator...

Canary’s cameras get person-detecting AI improvements


False positives are hands-down the worst part of my home security camera At some point, the thing started sending me video snippets every time my rabbit eats a piece of arugula Which is fine for, like, a day and then almost immediately annoying After rolling out a version o f AI-based person detection earlier this year, Canary’s upping that offering some key refinements Among other additions is...

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