GitHub’s scandalized ex-CEO returns with Chatterbug


Unfortunately, products like Rosetta Stone leave people feeling burned after claiming the process should be easy while never helping you practice talking with a real native speaker Starting with German, Chatterbug uses a homegrown video chat alternative to Skype that lets you simultaneously talk, type, read, and screenshare your way to becoming conversational GitHub employee Julie Horvath told...

Stop what you are doing and watch Nathan for You’s brilliant Uber episode right now


The man behind the show, Nathan Fielder, is so wonderfully awkward in his delivery he might just make you pee your pants from laughing so hard The Comedy Central show opens with an idea to undermine Uber by infiltrating it with a “sleeper cell” of rogue cab drivers, “unleashing total chaos across the globe” Fielder’s cab driver friend Andy believes Uber stole his idea to offer baby onesies to any...

Windscribe is a VPN on steroids and it’s also an extra 15% off right now


There’s almost nothing more important than safeguarding your vital personal information online Of course, the best protection usually comes from the innovators, those who take tried-and-true security methods and improve on them However, Windscribe is offering VPN security that’s more than just a VPN, which is why you should seriously consider this lifetime pro subscription for just $49 (over 90...

Facebook shows the future of media is all about UX, not original content


For modern media companies, the question has always been whether content is king or if products trump all I began my career at a big media company transitioning their many printed publications to the online world While everyone I worked with — journalists, editors, and media executives — recognized the importance of having an online presence, few knew exactly how best to go about it During my...

Redesigning the TechCrunch app


Angela Medina is a product designer who led the redesign of TechCrunch's mobile apps Provide Crunchbase data: Discovering which companies are trending, got funded or acquired is something our audience finds very valuable These goals gave us a clear direction for an MVP that has three top-level screens: Your News: To access a feed of personalized stories, notifications and manage topic...

CapHorn Invest raises $150 million fund to invest in B2B startups


Around 250 CEOs and executives of big established companies invested in the fund as limited partners What’s interesting about this VC firm is that it focuses on B2B companies that try to disrupt old and dusty industries Each partner is focusing on one vertical in particular CapHorn Invest is also looking at companies that can sign deals with its LPs So far, CapHorn Invest has also invested in...

What a world of AI robot writers will look like


Just as video killed the radio star, so too will AI demolish writers, journalists, and editors They must have repetitive routines and high predictability (think assembly lines or stocking boxes at large warehouses) Such roles are straightforward, with little need for adaptation or lateral thinking Conversely, jobs with a high degree of unpredictability and a need for complex problem-solving are...

Southeast Asia gaming and e-commerce firm Sea ends first day on NYSE up 8%


The firm, formerly known as Garena, is Southeast Asia’s highest valued tech company behind only $6-billion-valued Uber rival Grab It is unprofitable but it hopes to turn losses into profit as Southeast Asia’s internet access continues to grow and the region’s 600 million consumers become more savvy about spending online There it leans heavily on major investor Tencent, which owned around 40...

Mozilla proposes combined WebXR standard for virtual and mixed reality in the browser


That’s why Mozilla is working on a combined framework that gives developers standardized, well-documented tools with which to access the user’s chosen mixed reality platform Basically it’s just hard to build something on the web that you can easily deploy not just to desktop browsers, but to mobile, VR and AR headsets, and anything else that might do a little reality mixing If these things are...

Robert Scoble has allegedly continued to sexually harass women after going sober


Scoble said at the time he was getting help and going into Alcoholics Anonymous After journalist Quinn Norton recently published her Medium post accusing Scoble of grabbing her, NASA analyst Sarah Seitz said in the post’s comment section that Scoble had propositioned Seitz for an affair a year and a half ago — after he’d publicly stated that he was cleaning up his act Seitz later told TechCrunch...

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