ICO-lateral damage


(PDF) “Coins or other digital assets issued on a blockchain may be securities under the federal securities laws… tokens were securities as defined by Section 2(a)(1) of the Securities Act because they were investment contracts … An investment contract is an investment of money in a common enterprise with a reasonable expectation of profits to be derived from the entrepreneurial or managerial...

Thales agrees to buy Gemalto in digital security deal worth ~$5.43BN


Digital security solutions provider Gemalto has agreed to a €51 per share acquisition offer from French aerospace and defense group Thales — in a deal worth around $543BN In a statement today recommending Thales’ offer, CEO Philippe Vallée said: “I am convinced that the combination with Thales is the best and the most promising option for Gemalto and the most positive outcome for our company...

Do good companies ICO?


For many founders, there is now a clear fork in the road for financing their companies: continue along a traditional venture capital fundraise path, or find a way to jam tokens into their business and raise capital through an ICO Conveniently, the signals that VCs explain to entrepreneurs always seem to line up perfectly with their fund strategy, while making every other VC firm look like a bad...

Why the innovation race is getting automated


Its source is not new – competition and disruption have existed since the beginning of commerce But today that anxiety is aggravated by bigger stakes, readily available funding, rapid information flow, and an unprecedented speed of technological advance But apart from causing anxiety, the present business climate is also forcing companies to operate differently At the same time, startups trying...

Apple has a history of choosing cash over startups


Since 2013, the iPhone maker shelled out a total of $51 billion in disclosed M&A deals, according to Crunchbase data Moreover, Apple hasn’t exhibited an appetite for buying public companies in recent years Its tally of acquisitions is higher than Facebook or Amazon, on par with Microsoft, and far below Google There are some reasons to think Apple will be more acquisitive in coming quarters...

Apps aren’t dead, they’ve just evolved


Nobody is downloading apps anymore (beyond the few we can’t live without like WhatsApp and Facebook) The app has gone through something of a renaissance — and it no longer exists in its old form To give you an idea of the scale, Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store offered close to five million apps combined at the end of 2016 When the market is this crowded, you only get one shot to impress...

Facebook will make a ton of money from its influencer features — but it’s also good for your brand


Either way, influencer marketing has become a mainstream strategy for driving earned media via trusted experts within niche categories like beauty, fitness, and food Last March, 2017, Facebook started requiring influencers to tag brands in paid sponsored content posts, which gives marketers the ability to amplify content that their brands are tagged in and also to authorize which creators are...

Uber accused of espionage, bribery and hacking by former employee


The “Jacobs letter” was written by the attorney for Richard Jacobs, who previously worked as Uber’s manager of global intelligence before being fired in April The highly detailed account brings about accusations of systematic illegal activity inside Uber’s Strategic Services Group (SSG) which allegedly sought to surface other companies’ trade secrets through eavesdropping and data collection In a...

Celebrity hologram startup 8i to lay off half its staff


8i , the New Zealand and Los Angeles-based augmented reality startup bringing celebrity personalities into immersive experiences, is laying off about half of its 70-person staff, according to a report in Variety and confirmed by the company “Although we’ve made significant progress, we are continuously challenging our assumptions about where the AR/VR market is headed and how it will develop And...

Xbox One’s ‘Year in Review’ breaks down your biggest achievements. You should get out more


Gamers today can get an itemized breakdown of their biggest achievements as well as total hours spent in front of their Xbox over the past year Microsoft’s new 2017 Xbox Year in Review site is basically a litmus test for couch potatoes After visiting the site and logging in with your Xbox Live Gold account, the page shows off a variety of stats I would presume the display would be much more...

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