Count Down the Best Scary Movies for the Halloween Season!


Us Weekly is rounding up our top 10 favorite (non-scary) Halloween flicks so you can binge your little hearts out before All Hallows’ Eve Hocus Pocus was released on July 16, 1993, to a fairly poor showing, debuting in fourth place at the weekend box office It could be Joan Cusack ’s genius portrayal as Debbie Jellinsky or Wednesday Addams’ (played by Christina Ricci ) trip to camp Death Becomes...

Harlan Ellison Is Sci-Fi's Most Controversial Figure


Ellison’s rancorous dealings with so many people in publishing made pitching a book about him a challenge “We had one or two turn-downs from prospective publishers before NESFA Press pulled it in,” Segaloff says, “where people said, ‘I don’t want to work with Harlan Another challenge is that mainstream publishers often look down on science fiction Segaloff relates an incident where the book...

Spanish authorities prepare to arrest Catalonia president


Meanwhile, Spanish authorities are preparing to arrest Catalonia's president and charge him with rebellion if he declares independence Spanish authorities are preparing to arrest Catalonia's president and charge him with rebellion if he declares independence The Spanish government moved to activate a previously untapped constitutional article Saturday so it can take control of Catalonia Pictured...

Peek Inside Gail Simmons' Brooklyn Kitchen


Marius Bugge Gail Simmons isn’t packing up her knives and going anytime soon The Top Chef regular and her music executive husband , Jeremy Abrams, were days away from welcoming daughter Dahlia , 3, when they moved into to their Brooklyn home in December 2013 “Renovations began probably in May, right when I found out I was pregnant,” the Toronto native recalled “It starts off just wanting to do...

Russian Spies Rush to Exploit the Latest Flash Zero Day and More Security News This Week


Google announced a new tier of account security this week called Advanced Protection that uses physical authentication tokens, advanced scanning, and siloing to help defend particularly at-risk accounts (or anyone who wants to be very cautious) And after its disastrous corporate breach, Equifax is receiving a thorough public shaming Kaspersky Labs researchers announced a new Adobe Flash...

Man who raped and murdered 11-year-old girl gets life


A man accused of raping and killing an 11-year-old girl on the Navajo Nation last year was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility parole on Friday as part of a plea deal Her body was later found in an area near the Arizona-New Mexico border Following the verdict, Ashlynne's mother Pamela Foster called Begaye a 'monster' who stole her child A man accused of raping and killing an 11...

Bitcoin smashes through $6,100 to hit a new record high


Bitcoin set a new record high on Saturday breaking through the $6,100 barrier The cryptocurrency hit an all-time high of $6,14707 just a day after pushing through the $6,000 mark, according to data from industry website CoinDesk Much of the rise can be attributed to another upcoming split in bitcoin known as a "fork" This will lead to the creation of a new cryptocurrency called bitcoin gold But...

Tony Zierra to Follow up ‘Filmworker’ with New Stanley Kubrick Doc about ‘Eyes Wide Shut’


LYON — Tony Zierra , the director of this year’s critically acclaimed Cannes screener “ Filmworker ” – about Leon Vitali, who served for decades as Stanley Kubrick ’s right-hand man – is working on a followup Kubrick documentary about the making of the 1999 drama “Eyes Wide Shut,” starring Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman Zierra was in Lyon this week for a screening of “Filmworker” at the Lumière...

Space Photos of the Week: 130 Million Light Years Away, Two Neutron Stars Collide


This week space is all about the kilonova For the first time in human history and modern science, researchers have detected gravitational waves produced by the violent impact of two dense neutron stars some 130 million light years away Pics or it didn’t happen, right Well, we’ve got two of them Neutron stars are some of the smallest and most dense objects ever discovered They’re usually around...

William Friedkin on the Power of Film, Capital Punishment and his Recklessness on ‘The French Connection’


LYON — Director William Friedkin , maker of “The French Connection” and “The Exorcist,” in Lyon for a showcase of his work, proved his storytelling prowess at a master class on Thursday as he captivated the audience with anecdotes of his illustrious career “It was a very powerful story,” Friedkin said, adding that it ultimately convinced the governor “that there was a shadow of a doubt,” leading...

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