Chilling photo shows endangered wildlife pulled out from inside stomach of just ONE feral cat


Threatened Species Recovery Hub researcher John Woinarski told Daily Mail Australia his team had dissected more than 10,000 feral cats to examine the 'cat scat' however the large haul from one cat was not abnormal Mr Woinarski said in one haul there was 40 different lizards with skinks being the popular choice The researcher and his colleagues inspected 10,000 cats but pulling apart their...

Australian feral cats kill a million reptiles a day: study


Feral cats in Australia eat a 'staggering' number of reptiles, researchers have found Feral cats kill more than one million reptiles every day in Australia, a new study showed Monday, with the staggering slaughter threatening many species Cats have wiped out entire populations of some animals in Australia since being introduced by Europeans settlers two centuries ago, with efforts to cull or...

US economic fundamentals are good. Don’t overreact to trade issues


Pedestrians carrying an American flag umbrella pass in front of the New York Stock Exchange Surplus countries to solve trade problems The Fed’s carefully paced rate hikes will most probably keep that powerful growth engine moving along in the months to come And that could be pretty boring because traders need news as a betting fodder Yes, America’s trade problem will be front and center for some...

Mattis seeks less contentious visit with Chinese


Defense Secretary Jim Mattis laid out plans for a less contentious, more open dialogue with Chinese leaders as he travels to Asia, less than a month after he slammed Beijing at an international conference for its militarization of islands in the South China Sea US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis has laid out plans for a less contentious, more open dialogue with Chinese leaders as he travels to Asia...

2018 BET Awards: Kendrick Lamar Wins Big at Youth-Centered Show


“We all have to figure out a way to not become too used to what’s going on right now Wearing a hoodie with XXXtentacion’s face on it, he debuted a new single titled “Stay Woke,” featuring Miguel A powerful moment that served as his first live performance since he was released from prison in April XXXtentacion’s death stirred up many conversations within the hip hop community The Florida-based...

India has proposed a new fix for its bad debt problem. It may not be enough


Experts say the Indian government’s latest plan may not be enough to fix its bad debt problems Earlier this month, Piyush Goyal, India's interim finance minister, revealed plans to set up an Asset Reconstruction Company or a "bad bank" aimed at absorbing the 95 trillion rupee bad debt in state-owned banks Doing so would allow those banks to stay afloat by resetting their balance sheets ARCs have...

'Westworld' Recap, Season 2 Episode 10: What *Is* Real?


The Forge, viewers know now, is yet another underground Delos facility, but its computers hold essential information for hosts and humans alike was able to finally crack its immortality project, reducing every guest to about 10,000 lines of code that capture each person completely Delos must have gotten a sweet deal on supercomputers when it built this facility, because there's no other good...

NSW footy stars let their hair down after Origin win (and you'll never guess who went the hardest)


Fittler, no stranger to controversial post match celebrations, lived up to his name last night according to 7 News and showing the younger players how it's done 'I'm just about to get some breakfast, hotcakes and a McMuffin you know,' Angus Crichton told KIIS 1065's Kyle & Jackie O on Monday morning 'I'm with a couple of boys who shall remain nameless, I'll call them N Cleary and J Tedesco,' the...

Japanese Film Makers Find Opportunities in International Co-Productions


Binoche also stars in “Vision,” Naomi Kawase’s drama about a French journalist who journeys to Nara Province to research a mysterious herb Released on June 8 in Japan , the film is a co-production between Kawase’s own Kumie production cooperative and Paris-based Slot Machine One spur for this trend is the creative stagnation of the Japanese industry, with “production committees” of TV networks...

Five of six suspects arrested in stabbing death of Bronx boy, 15


WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT Police in New York and New Jersey arrested five of six suspects in connection to a Bronx boy's stabbing death Authorities received tips on the whereabouts of the suspects in Dominican gang Trinitarios Lesandro Guzman-Feliz, 15, was slashed and stabbed during a frenzied attack on Wednesday night The killing was said to be 'a case of mistaken identity over a sex tape,'...

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