'Don't you want to save that bullet for Mueller?': Trump is reportedly asking associates if he should fire Sessions


President Donald Trump asked a longtime associate whether he could dismiss Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Axios reported on Tuesday In a phone call to his associate, Axios said, Trump asked, "What would happen if I fired Sessions" For more news videos visit Yahoo View , available on iOS and Android Trump has ramped up his public attacks on both Mueller and Sessions in recent days out of...

Nvidia gave away its newest AI chips for free — and that's part of the reason why it's dominating the competition


Nvidia gave 100 of its first "Volta" based GPUs to artificial intelligence researchers at the CVPR conference in Hawaii this week, according to a company press release Volta is the new GPU architecture Nvidia revealed earlier this year The new chips were promised to be such an improvement over current models that shares of the company jumped 178% in a single day after their announcement This...

AP sources: Trump speaks to advisers about firing Sessions


WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Donald Trump has spoken with advisers about firing Attorney General Jeff Sessions, as he continues to rage against Sessions' decision to recuse himself from all matters related to the Russia investigation Trump often talks about making staff changes without following through, so those who have spoken with the president cautioned that a change may not be imminent or...

A new technology could change the game for Amazon, Facebook, Netflix and every smartphone user


(Business Insider/Jeff Dunn) A tech hedge fund that has been crushing it sees a huge opportunity for YouTube, Amazon, Netflix and Google The fund, which launched last summer, has posted 122% gains after fees this year Here's an excerpt from Honeycomb's letter, a copy of which was reviewed by Business Insider: This means OLED screens are paper-thin, flexible, foldable and can be applied on any...

Immigrants wept, pleaded for water and pounded on the truck


That's when I lost consciousness," Adan Lara Vega, 27, told the AP from his hospital bed Mexican consulate and US officials later told AP the correct spelling was Lara Vega Bradley told investigators that the trailer had been sold and he was transporting it for his boss from Iowa to Brownsville, Texas Bradley told authorities that he had stopped in Laredo — which would have been out of his way if...

Burr-Hamilton? Angry lawmaker singles out 'female senators'


WASHINGTON (AP) -- Passions are running high on Capitol Hill — but pistols at 10 paces over health care After GOP promises to repeal the law, that "is just repugnant to me," he says "If it was a guy from south Texas, I might ask them to step outside and settle this Aaron Burr-style," he said That was a reference to the 1804 firearms duel in which Vice President Aaron Burr killed former Treasury...

The $180 million conflict that kept Scaramucci out of the White House in January has only gotten shadier


(New White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci has joined the Trump administration with a $180 million conflict of interest hanging over his headAP) New White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci has joined the Trump administration with a $180 million conflict of interest hanging over his head Chief among them is a Chinese financial firm with strong ties to ruling...

Alphabet beats Wall Street estimates; revenue up 21 percent


(Reuters) - Alphabet Inc surpassed expectations for quarterly revenue and earnings on Monday, reporting higher advertising sales across its platforms and trying to move past a record $27 billion European Union fine by taking the entire charge at once On a consolidated basis, revenue rose about 21 percent to $2601 billion in the second quarter ended on June 30, beating the analysts' average...

The Best Asset for Long-Haul Investing? It’s Probably Not What You Think


Pop quiz: What’s the best way to invest money that you won’t need for at least a decade It so happens that now is a great time to sell your home for a killing If you’ve already amassed retirement funds galore and have other savings to toss around, by all means, consider real estate The risk you take by investing in stocks is inversely proportional to your time horizon, though, meaning stocks...

Halliburton sees North America customers 'tapping the brakes'


(Reuters) - Halliburton Co reported impressive second quarter results on Monday but warned the growth in North American rig count was "showing signs of plateauing", sending shares down as much as 42 percent Oilfield services providers such as Halliburton have been helped by a boom in North American drilling even though oil has stayed below $50 "Today, rig count growth is showing signs of...

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