Katie Couric breaks silence on Matt Lauer: 'I had no idea'


Katie Couric, who was Matt Lauer's "Today" co-host for several years, broke her silence Saturday on sexual misconduct allegations against him Couric told People magazine: "I had no idea this was going on during my tenure or after I left" She departed NBC in 2006 to anchor the "CBS Evening News" and has been criticized for her silence in the more than a month since Lauer was fired "I think I speak...

Salesforce: We'll Be 50% Bigger Than Oracle


At that size, Salesforce would be over 50% bigger than Oracle (NYSE: ORCL), a one-time investor and now chief sales rival animated image of arrow moving up an to the right, representing business growth Salesforce is forecasting more outlandish growth in the years to come Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison wisely invested in Benioff and his upstart company early on Before you commence with eye...

The Retirement Savings Mistake That 68% of Baby Boomers Regret


Here are some ways to make sure your savings will see you through retirement For example, if you add up all your expected retirement expenses and reach a total of $3,000 per month, then add 10% ($300) and multiply the sum by 12 to get your minimum annual retirement income goal: $39,600 Assuming you'll be able to take 4% of your entire retirement savings account balance as a distribution each...

2 More Airlines Just Raised Their Revenue Guidance


The company's guidance for non-fuel unit costs also improved slightly, as flight cancellations came in lower than expected The net result is that American Airlines has increased its Q4 adjusted pre-tax margin forecast range from 45%-65% to 65%-7% As a result, JetBlue raised its RASM guidance by about 2 percentage points last month JetBlue announced on Thursday that RASM actually rose by about 18%...

Why The Boeing Company Stock Soared in 2017


By any standards, The Boeing Company (NYSE: BA) had an outstanding 2017 The stock's 89% rise is startling for a company of such size and a testimony to how many things went right for the company Boeing's 763 airplane deliveries in 2017 set an industry record, and the company's 912 net orders represent a bounce back from 768 and 668 in the previous two years There was a successful ramp-up in...

Your Complete Guide to Taking Medicare in 2018


The process is automatic for many people, including most of those who receive Social Security benefits at least four months before their 65th birthday Most people aren't allowed to file for Medicare until three months before they turn 65 The initial enrollment period for Medicare runs from then until three months after your 65th birthday Applying for Medicare before you turn 65 ensures that your...

Crude Oil Price Forecast January 15, 2018, Technical Analysis


The market looks likely to see that level be tested Any pullback at this point should be a buying opportunity, as the $6325 level offer support Ultimately, I think that back and forth action should continue to be the case, with an upward slant Because of this, I like the idea of buying these dips as we will eventually build up enough momentum to break above $65 A break above that level census...

Meet the 20-year-old Florida man who announced he won the $450 million Mega Millions lottery on Facebook and credits 'a positive mindset'


The Mega Millions lottery reached its fourth-largest jackpot in history last week at $450 million The sole winner is 20-year-old Shane Missler, who announced his win on Facebook with three words: "Oh A 20-year-old Florida man became an instant multi-millionaire last Friday upon discovering he won the $450 million Mega Millions jackpot Shane Missler wrote on his Facebook page January 5, mere hours...

Trump goes for 1st medical checkup since becoming president


WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump received his first medical checkup as president at Walter Reed military hospital on Friday, undergoing a physical examination amid suggestions in a recent book and by his detractors that he's mentally unfit Some of the comments were published in a new book about Trump's first year, "Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House" by Michael Wolff, which White...

'Reprehensible and racist:' Trump's remarks outrage Africans


JOHANNESBURG (AP) -- Africans were shocked on Friday to find President Donald Trump had finally taken an interest in their continent South Africa's ruling African National Congress called Trump's comments "extremely offensive," while opposition leader Mmusi Maimane said "the hatred of Obama's roots now extends to an entire continent" Many on the world's second most populous continent reached for...

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