Cost Creep Remains American Airlines' Achilles Heel


At an investor day event last month, American Airlines' management laid out a blueprint for boosting earnings in the coming years The resulting fuel cost advantage allowed American Airlines to post a higher pre-tax margin than either Delta or United in 2015 In 2016, a combination of declining unit revenue and rising non-fuel costs caused American's adjusted pre-tax margin to sink to 126% American...

Better Buy: Exelixis, Inc. vs. Intra-Cellular Therapies Inc.


Instead of having to wait 10 months for a decision, Exelixis will now find out by Feb Exelixis could be looking at success in a different type of cancer, as well Also, the drug has quickly become a go-to target for combinations with other pharma companies' cancer drugs Exelixis' MEK inhibitor Cotellic is also an in-demand drug for inclusion in combo therapies Exelixis is now in solid position to...

Boeing "Strikes" a Deal to Buy Revolutionary Heli-Plane Maker


With LightningStrike, DARPA -- the "mad scientist" arm of the US Department of Defense -- aims to create an electrically powered airplane that can launch vertically (ie, no runway required) but fly horizontally at ordinary-plane-like velocities LightningStrike is the brainchild of privately held aerospace company Aurora Flight Sciences, a specialist in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles, and...

What's the Maximum I Can Get in Social Security in 2018?


After reviewing inflation data this year, the Social Security Administration has decided on a cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) of 2% for 2018 Most Americans qualify for Social Security after about 10 years of working Once you qualify, the amount of money you receive in Social Security benefits depends on a complex formula that converts your historical wages into current dollars and then adjusts...

Trump jabs back at 'wacky' congresswoman as spat rolls on


WASHINGTON (AP) -- Unwilling to put the tussling behind, President Donald Trump on Saturday jabbed back at the Democratic lawmaker who has slammed him for his words of condolence to a military widow, calling Rep Frederica Wilson "wacky" and contending she is "killing" her party Trump's broadside came a day after the White House defended chief of staff John Kelly after he mischaracterized Wilson's...

Is Qualcomm Getting Any Closer to Owning NXP Semiconductors?


When NXP shareholders commit their stubs to Qualcomm's offer, the shares may be withdrawn at any time That was a popular option this summer, but Qualcomm is finally reporting an uptick in the tendered share counts: Gloved hand holding up a magnifying glass in front of an empty processor socket Qualcomm's habit of sharing additional buyout news in these share-count updates stopped with the July...

FDA approves better vaccine against painful shingles virus


US regulators have approved a new, more effective vaccine to prevent painful shingles, which is caused by the chickenpox virus Drugmaker GlaxoSmithKline said the Food and Drug Administration approved it late Friday Studies paid for by Glaxo found it prevents shingles in about 90 percent of people About 10 to 20 percent of those who get shingles also develop debilitating nerve pain that can last...

Charges, insults fly after Trump aide assails congresswoman


A Trump spokeswoman said it was "inappropriate" to question Kelly in light of his stature as a retired four-star general Taking cues from a president who hates to back down, the administration staunchly defended Kelly, who a day before had denounced Wilson's criticism of Trump — and added his condemnation of past remarks she had made at a Miami event Trump, in an interview with Fox Business...

US Senate chops key obstacle to Trump tax reforms 


A key hurdle to Donald Trump’s tax reforms has been eliminated, as last night’s US Senate vote in favour of a 2018 budget resolution means the president will only need a simple majority of 51 senators, rather than 60, to pass his tax cuts The latest budget bill opened the way for tax cuts of $15 trillion (£11 trillion) over 10 years, and also allows for extra spending in areas such as defence “We...

Bank of America Is Continuing to Slash Expenses


Bank of America (NYSE: BAC) announced a little over a year ago that it would lower its annual expenses to $53 billion by 2018 You can see this by looking at Bank of America's third-quarter performance A line chart showing Bank of America's third-quarter expenses since 2007 Bank of America's success at cutting its annualized expenses by an additional $3 billion over the past five quarters...

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