5 Tried-and-True Steps to Building Great Business Relationships


Building business relationships that will propel your career does not come naturally to most Face it: superficial networking leaves some professionals wondering what could be a better use of their time Check out five keys to power rapport building and learn how a great first impression can lead to more than just a passing recognition Apply that context to how you network in real life, and it...

Black Students Need Financial Knowledge Now


Educate yourself, since few states require courses in economics, personal finance According to data from the US Department of Education, which for the first time examined long-term outcomes for student borrowers, and through a racial lens, only 9% of all borrowers who hold bachelor’s degrees default on their loans (Image: iStock/svetikd) I spoke with Ben Miller, senior director for Postsecondary...

How to Succeed in a Male-Dominated Workplace


From feeling isolated and dealing with unfairness in pay to struggling to gain the respect you deserve at work, some women face an uphill battle when it comes to succeeding in male-dominated industries Taking things personally and managing personally are two things that many women do, which can block their success in the workplace When it comes to career advancement for women, what do you think...

Dow, S&P 500, Nasdaq finish at simultaneous record highs for 24th time in 2017


US benchmark stock indexes all rose on Friday to close at record levels after the Senate adopted a federal budget for next year, a key step on the road to tax cuts The Dow Jones Industrial Average DJIA, +071% advanced 164 points to 23326, and was up 20% for the week The Nasdaq Composite Index COMP, +036% gained 24 points at 6629 The S&P 500 SPX, +051% was up 13 points to 2575, and 09% for the...

Black Women About Business (BWAB): A Soon-to-Come New Resource


There are many programs that support black women in business but none like my vision for BWAB, which is really a one-stop shop We are addressing everything as a whole to include self-worth, self-work, educational needs, mentoring, financial education, access to capital, and mind/body/spirit connection Firstly, there has to be a safe space for women to explore many of these issues As change...

Trump indicates Powell and Taylor could both be nominated for top Fed roles


President Donald Trump identified three candidates he may choose to run the Federal Reserve, as a report said he may name Jerome Powell and John Taylor together, although it's not clear who would be chairman and who would be vice chairman "Well as you know, I've been seeing a number of people, and most people are saying it's down to two -- Mr I also met with Janet Yellen who I like a lot, I...

The Fight to Rename a Kentucky Airport After Muhammad Ali Continues


Earlier this month, Black Enterprise reported on the more than yearlong, uphill battle a Kentucky-based educator, Robert Holmes III, has faced in hopes of honoring Muhammad Ali in Louisville , the city where “The People’s Champ” was born and raised Back in June 2016, Holmes launched the Global Friends of Muhammad Ali, a grassroots effort that is committed to renaming the Louisville International...

Bitcoin clears $6,000, nears $100 billion in total value for first time


The world’s most prominent digital currency was on track to mark a fresh milestone on Friday, with bitcoin rallying and putting the cyber currency in position to hit a total market value of around $100 billion 1 cryptographic currency above or on par with blue-chip companies on the Dow Jones Industrial Average DJIA, +060% like United Technologies Corp UTX, +100% with a market value at $96...

How Better Cash Flow Management Is Helping This Babysitting Business Thrive


Over time, Oriabure-King has learned that cash flow management and a diversified revenue stream is core to her business’s success As far as cash flow, we try to make sure that we limit our advertising dollars during our low months so that there’s not more money going out of the business than coming in Even though it’s just one day a week, that little extra $1,000 a month is a boost, especially...

Hotels are employing fewer concierges


IF BUSINESS travellers need to reserve a table at a restaurant, they may use OpenTable, a website If they wish to find a nearby museum, a Google search will probably be their first port of call Given that so many services are just one swipe away, is there a need for a hotel concierge anymore Since 2014 the number of luxury hotels that employ a concierge has declined by 20% Though concierges are...

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