Bassheads will love Vava’s $26 wired ‘gaming’ earphones


What’s more, most of my wired sets sound far and away better than my wireless earphones.
In order to recreate a surround sound effect that you get from placing multiple speakers in a room and using a spatial audio source signal, you need more sophisticated equipment than this – heck, at least something that’s powered and uses dedicated digital signal processing technology.
The entire package may not look like much, but it’s surprsingly durable – I’ve been roughhousing with these for the past three weeks and haven’t managed to get a scratch on them, even after repeatedly jamming them in my pockets along with a bunch of keys and coins.
It’s worth appreciating, however, that the Vava’s sound profile isn’t overwhelmed by heavy choruses filled with multiple instruments at once, so it manages to avoid distortion and instead delivers a nicely rounded sound that’s great for rock, metal, hip-hop and electronic genres.
That’s okay, though, because there are plenty of other options to choose from under $50.
Vava’s buds offer an instantly recognizable sound that I thoroughly enjoyed over similar models from other brands.
When I’m commuting or working, and want my music to kick my teeth in, these are the earphones I reach for.
At $26, Vava’s durable buds offer good value for money, and are certainly worth considering if you enjoy a little more bass than the next guy.
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