Analysis: Hate Groups Bank on Charlottesville Media Coverage as Recruitment Tool


The turnout of white nationalists that sparked violence in Charlottesville , Va., this weekend reflects an alarming level of cooperation among disparate hate groups to gain mainstream media attention.
The effort not surprisingly brought out counter-protesters from leftist organizations, including those identifying with the Black Lives Matter movement, as well as clergy and others whotried to advocate for non-violent protest.
But the real agenda, according to Hankes, was to garner mainstream media coverage as a recruitment tool.
The violence that erupted between various factions of protestors will be selectively mined for images to portray white nationalists as under attack from violent leftists and the police, Hankes said.
“The whole thing has been orchestrated around trying to get media attention,” Hankes told Variety .
Many Americans were outraged by news footage depicting clusters of mostly white men chanting racist, anti-Semitic and anti-LGBTQ statements .
Some attendees sported Nazi-related symbols and T-shirts emblazoned with quotes from Adolf Hitler.
There were reports of rally-goers shouting “Hitler was right” among other hateful statements.
“You’ll see the whole (white nationalist) machine swing into action when this is all over,” he said.
“You’ll see them very selectively pushing out images that show fake numbers and peaceful demonstrations by their groups.
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