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How 'Asia's world city' became a hotspot for cleaning North Korean money


"You can just count them up in our reports -- Hong Kong is the preponderance," Griffiths told CNN "It should come as no surprise that Hong Kong is featured so prominently in our report," Griffiths said When Unaforte's company particulars show up in Hong Kong's publicly available corporate records, the name of just one individual appears And Sayari Analytics, another firm that uses open data to...

Seeing India through the eyes of an invisible woman


Inside this shining behemoth called Quest, Kolkatans with fat pocketbooks spend their rupees on luxury foreign brands such as Gucci and eat at Michelin-star restaurants I am meeting Amina on this day because I rarely see policymakers or journalists talk to people like her about India's progress Kolkata's Quest Mall boasts upscale shops and restaurants, but outside life's cadences have changed...

Who really holds the power in 'impenetrable' China?


Well you can see people doing that, but Li Keqiang is more of an administrator" Living in China, there's only one app you must have on your phone -- because every other person has it It is those restrictions which make working in the world of China's internet so complex and potentially dangerous Additionally, two analysts who didn't rank Wang said his position had been weakened by unproven...

'It's like your face is melting': Why London is acid attack capital


Police have suggested that gang members may be switching to acid over knives and guns, as the liquid is harder to detect "Acid throwing has been adopted by urban street gangs in a way that perhaps we haven't seen for a very long time," Laurence said But that program, and many others provided by the AIR Sports Network, have been axed in east London after funding cuts Councils across Britain have...

How Germany's far-right surged to victory in 4 graphics


Nearly half of voters turned away from the country's two largest parties The AfD also picked up nearly 700,000 ballots from people who were previously non-voters Julian Reichelt, editor-in-chief of Bildde, told CNN the reason so many voters turned to the far right is because Merkel hasn't "been addressing many issues that people care about" AfD voters "sent a dramatic message that many people are...

Rohingya refugees: Why I fled


Everyone was scared because we have never left Maungdaw, so did not know what to expect in Bangladesh I got married two years ago to a lovely woman and I had a little business selling betel leaves to the community Everyone was trying to save their own lives so we could not stop to help each other I am grateful because the world is helping by giving us food, but we want this to be temporary I feel...

Secret state: The side of the hermit nation the world rarely sees


I wonder what life is like for people in those small, rural communities — places outsiders, especially journalists, are kept far away from But Kim Jong Un has taken this to a new level since taking power in 2011, launching satellites, ordering nuclear tests and firing missiles with frightening regularity Kim Un Taek, a retiree living in Wonsan, talks with pride about the missiles going up from...

Don't forget about us: Irma's desperate Caribbean survivors


Looking at pictures from the island, he said, "I think it's going to take a long time for Barbuda to get back on its foot "The people of Antigua have done so much to make us feel comfortable, but I just want to get home "Luis was a Cat 4 storm, and lasted for something like 36 hours, Irma last a shorter time but it caused more damage" Jennifer Stephens Cooper, a nurse at Schneider Regional...

16 years, thousands dead, no end in sight


US President Donald Trump was due to make an announcement Monday evening about his plans for the future of America's commitment in Afghanistan Analysts believe that whatever he decides, there will be no swift end to the conflict The United States first invaded Afghanistan on October 7, 2001, as part of Operation Enduring Freedom "The focus shifted from Afghanistan to Iraq -- that was a major...

Trump's first six months: by the numbers


(In counties where he outperformed 2012 GOP nominee Mitt Romney by at least 20 points, the number jumps to 56%) During his primary campaign, Trump not only held regular news conferences, he even took questions -- live and on camera -- from reporters on election nights His travel ban plan, for instance, first caused chaos and was effectively shut down by a series of legal challenges But when it...

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