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It's not just the oceans: Plastic pollution is all around us


Because research on microplastics on land and in freshwater is still in its infancy, there are no accurate figures on the extent of the problem, but some studies have suggested there are more microplastics on land than there are in our oceans Other research recentlyfound microplastics in bottled water around the world "It's vital we know if they travel over land," she said Though there's little...

'Don't struggle if you're raped': A people smuggler's chilling warning


When the migrants fail to pay, they are held in grim living conditions, deprived of food, abused by their captors, and sold as laborers in slave auctions Three months later we wanted to see whether that outrage had translated into action The smugglers were mostly interested in our money, and asked few questions As part of our "VIP" travel package, we were offered condoms for the journey "Nearly...

US assault rifles for sale on jihadist online forums in Syria


It carries a serial number that small arms experts say matches a batch originally thought to have been given to Iraqi security forces by a US assistance program, but that was found in possession of ISIS in 2014 The following Telegram messages were exchanged between CNN, posing as a purchaser under an alias, and a weapons seller [Seller]This M16 is for sale, final price 850 dollars but it has a...

How aid money ends up in terror group's hands


Businessmen now truck food bought on the open market to places like Baidoa, where internally displaced people (IDPs) arrive every day Former members of the terror group and Somali intelligence agents said that tolls taken from trucks and other vehicles at just two al-Shabaab roadblocks on Somalia's busiest road raked in thousands every day The gouging is more subtle today than it was in the early...

Was Trump right about UK health service?


But Mortimer admits that an enhancement is needed, determining a more coherent way of setting finances moving forward Stephenson believes one key factor behind this constant demand on emergency rooms is the strain and lack of funding for primary care services: local general practitioners, who should be the first port of call for anyone with mild or moderate illness She gave the example of nursing...

Asia under Trump: How US is losing region to China


"The US may want to change its Asia policy after three years, but I'm very worried if that will be possible," Masuo added It's a regional flashpoint which has long threatened to spark a larger armed conflict amid territorial claims from at least five separate countries for a small collection of reefs and submerged islands "But if history is anything to go by, it means tensions will start to rise...

Amid Yemen's conflict, child marriage is on the rise


I want to become a doctor, God willing," Halima told CNN, still dressed in her school uniform -- a forest green abaya and white headscarf "One of my friends dropped out and when I asked her why, she said, 'Because tomorrow is my wedding'" There was nothing for me in marriage as a child," Kafa told CNN, her face concealed by a veil Young adolescents face a much higher risk of complications and...

Syria's so-called safe havens: 'This time, there is nowhere to run'


"What's happening in Idlib is exactly what happened in Aleppo," Syrian media activist Louai Abo Aljoud told CNN, referring to the Syrian government's siege on eastern Aleppo last year to drive rebels out of the strategic town According to United Nations figures, the Idlib area is home to over 11 million of Syria's 61 million internally displaced people (IDPs), many of whom escaped other formerly...

China's 8½-ton space lab is falling


"UN Security Council sanctions prohibit the transfer of anything to a North Korean ship," a South Korean Foreign Ministry official told CNN, adding the Lighthouse Winmore was seized when it re-entered Yeosu on November 24 US President Donald Trump said Beijing had been "caught red-handed," after the satellite images were republished in South Korean media earlier this week According to South...

Chinese firm clones gene-edited dog in bid to treat cardiovascular disease


While other countries are involved in similar research, China has been at the forefront of genetically customized animals, with scientists engineering monkeys to have a human autism gene , extra-strong dogs and pigs without retroviruses People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) released a statement calling Sinogene's research "unethical" "Little scholarly investigation and reports have...

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