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North Korea's mystery ship: The curious case of the Hao Fan 6


The UN has recently passed resolutions blocking North Korea's ability to export goods like coal and metal ores -- big moneymakers for Pyongyang, that help fund everything from the lavish lifestyles of North Korea's elite to its rapidly advancing nuclear and missile programs US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson renewed the call after North Korea tested a long-range ballistic missile in late...

Inside the dramatic efforts to save bullet-ridden N. Korean defector


Video provided by the Ajou University Trauma Center shows Oh being loaded off a helicopter Riddled with bullets, he was dragged to safety by South Korean soldiers and hovered close to death during the 25-minute airlift to hospital During a five-hour operation to remove a bullet that had pierced Oh's intestines, Lee encountered a complication he's never seen in his20-year career as a surgeon:...

Greenland's melting glaciers may someday flood your city


If the ice sheet covering Greenland was to melt completely — a process scientists believe could take several hundred years at the current rate — sea levels could rise by as much as 24 feet (about 7 meters) And surface melt on Greenland’s ice sheet has been accelerating, spurred by soaring temperatures in the Arctic, which is warming twice as fast as the rest of the planet In 2017, after two...

America's other soldiers: The men who risked it all to fight ISIS


It’s a story that feels familiar to a crowd filled with American veterans and his words bring an once distant war home to small-town West Virginia But they’re seen by Turkey, a NATO ally, as an arm of a designated terrorist organization that threatens Turkish sovereignty It’s late afternoon and the sun casts shadows over four generations of women navigating their way to a New York memorial Martha...

Myanmar monks say world has got the Rohingya crisis wrong


Myanmar's military also denies genocide, saying it is targeting Rohingya militants that launched deadly attacks on police posts on August 25 Rohingya refugees speak of indiscriminate killings, rape and torched villages -- charges the military also reject Few use the term Rohingya, instead calling them "Bengali" -- a popular slur that compounds their reputation as illegal immigrants It's difficult...

Can the world's mightiest naval fleet survive the perfect storm?


It took place 56 nautical miles off the coast of Honshu, Japan, in an area heavily traveled by commercial shipping Nov-18 The guided-missile destroyer USS Benfold was struck by a Japanese tugboat while participating in a scheduled towing exercise off Japan Without training time, "perishable skills atrophy," said Carl Schuster, a Hawaii Pacific University professor who spent 10 years "driving" US...

UN Command: North Korea violated armistice


It moves past a North Korean guard post ahead of the bridge at 3:13 pm Four North Korean soldiers appear in frame near the vehicle It shows heat signatures of the wounded defector and three soldiers who are tasked with recovering him More forces were in the area, Carroll said, but only three went to his immediate vicinity The soldier, who was shot five times and underwent multiple surgeries, has...

Smugglers in Libya auction migrants as slaves — some for $400 each


This is a digger, a big strong man, he'll dig," the salesman, dressed in camouflage gear, says Children play in the street; people go to work, talk to friends and cook dinners for their families Anes Alazabi is a supervisor at a detention center in Tripoli for migrants that are due to be deported What I have seen here daily, believe me, it makes me feel pain for them," he says One of the detained...

Kenya election rerun: Police fire tear gas at protesters


It is just a matter of coming to the polls and exercising my right," she said The opposition boycott is expected to hand victory to President Uhuru Kenyatta, but in a poll that will be affected by low turnout "For those who wish not to vote, your rights are also equally protected by the very same constitution" Odinga is a member of the Luo community, which some say has become increasingly...

Inside North Korea's illicit Africa dealings


Multiple attempts by CNN to reach Mansudae in Namibia through phone numbers listed by US Treasury sanctions were unsuccessful Just outside Windhoek's picturesque downtown in an industrial area near Namibia's largest brewery sits a sprawling warehouse complex guarded by closed circuit television cameras and high fencing Johann Karstens, the manager of a nearby tire manufacturer, told CNN he would...

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