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16 years, thousands dead, no end in sight


US President Donald Trump was due to make an announcement Monday evening about his plans for the future of America's commitment in Afghanistan Analysts believe that whatever he decides, there will be no swift end to the conflict The United States first invaded Afghanistan on October 7, 2001, as part of Operation Enduring Freedom "The focus shifted from Afghanistan to Iraq -- that was a major...

Trump's first six months: by the numbers


(In counties where he outperformed 2012 GOP nominee Mitt Romney by at least 20 points, the number jumps to 56%) During his primary campaign, Trump not only held regular news conferences, he even took questions -- live and on camera -- from reporters on election nights His travel ban plan, for instance, first caused chaos and was effectively shut down by a series of legal challenges But when it...

Where North Korea's elite go for banned luxury goods


"I saw North Koreans paying with hundred dollar notes for items costing more than $2,000," said a senior Western diplomat who was based in Pyongyang and visited the stores several years ago Missile technology and military hardware have long been barred by United Nations sanctions There is a whole shelf dedicated to products from Montblanc, the German luxury brand, including a watch with a price...

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